Printing Lag Issue, Any idea ?

This issue is at a client's location, happens to about 6 workstations.

Workstations range between Pentium4 Northwoods to newer Dell's with core2's, 512mb ram to 2 gig... its all the same
They all run Windows XP Pro member of a windows 2003 server domain.
User accounts are not restricted with the exception of what they can access the network.
Username being member of local administrator or not does not make a difference.

Going to the printers (Local TCPIP HP Printers) in this case HP LaserJet 3005DTN or 4250DTN or Canon IP1023.

Right click, properties.... Lag 60 seconds and up, then responds.
If I do it again, it goes right away.

So client is not so pissed but annoyed that every time they are in their software, whatever it maybe, when they hit print, the pc LAGS badly for 60 seconds and up and then sends the print job.

What I have done in the past worked but I was told the issue came back not to long after:

Test in local administrator, worked flawlessly.
Renamed the docs and setting\username profile from administrator, log out, log back username, pc recreates the profile, re transfer My Docs, favorits, desktop, local settings\appdata\microsoft\outlook and reconfigure email client.

This worked but the issue came back 1 week later.

What I am wondering is if anyone has a good idea about the source of the problem so I can solve it once and for all, recreating the profile solves but without me having a clue what caused the issue originally.

Isn't that a tricky one ?... pfff winblows
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  1. You need give priority to the jobs in the printer.
  2. You will have to elaborate a little on that.

    Where do I go about setting job priorities...

    The lag comes when hitting properties on a printer, hitting the print button in word and most importantly print jobs thru a console connecting to a unix server.
  3. In the domain server, BUT maybe you need edit the user profiel. Some administrators and other power user, for the printer priority works fine.
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