E6600 with Ultra 120 Extre and P180 case

My cores idle at about 35 degrees...Seems hot to me from what I read about other people. Could it be how I applied the grease? It seems that the cooler is on tight enough. Is this maybe just normal? Looking to overclock since I didn't cheap out on anything I bought, though I want to make sure I am getting maximum cooling first. What temps are considered dangerous? Thanks guys.
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  1. My Q6600 (9x333) idle temps are: 44, 45, 42, 42. Room temp is 77 °F at the moment.
  2. do you have the 120 ultra extreme?
  3. Yeah, and both my IHS on the Q6600 and the base of the ultra-120 extreme. See pics and temp graphs in those two threads.
  4. It seems normal to me. 10-14 degrees above room temperature is typical for me. This is about 3 degrees above the internal case temperature. Yes, my room is hot.
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