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HI Guys. Need some help here. So i decide to learn Linux and VMware for the first time (Im a windows fan by the way), so im running Windows 7 Ultimate x 64. I install VMware and then install Linux OpenSuse 12.1 'Asparagus" onto VMware. Everything installs normal(well seems normal to me) but cant seem to connect to the internet or the host pc(win7 PC) from Linux within VMware. Im totally new to Linux and VMware, so did i miss out on any steps. Vmware was installed using all default config. VMware version 8 Workstation.
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  1. It should just work out of the box; a VM install is one of the easiest installs. But I have had problems with VMWare and networking so always use VirtualBox nowadays. One thing you probably want to do is to set the virtual NIC to "Bridged" rather than "NAT". And don't forget to install Guest Additions.
  2. Hey Ijack, thanks for the help, just two more things 1. Do you know of any sites/links that have info for beginners for VMware and 2. How do i install guest additions, cos when i installed linux on VM it stated that it was doing any"easy" install of some sort.

    Thanks again
  3. I don't think you can do better, for either of your questions, than refer to the official documentation: . It's actually "VMWare Tools", not Guest Additions which is the term used by VirtualBox - my mistake. There's a document in that link specifically about installing Tools.
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