Nero Wave Editor Slowdown

Wave Editor has always functioned well and continues to. However, something happened that now makes Wave Editor take over a minute to start. Also, when this happens the entire computer tends to go into a slow down mode and you can hear the hard drive thrashing around.

When this first happened, a message came up on the screen which said that the reason it was taking so long to start up was that some file got stored improperly or with errors. The message did not stay up long enough to be read thoroughly, so I don't know which files to delete. I have deleted the temp files in c: and that didn't help.

My computer is an AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 2.2GHz with 1.00GB of RAM. The C: drive has 40 GB with 26 GB used.

When Wave Editor is opening in the slow-down mode, even task manager slows or stops. There is 1047792 K in physical memory, with 187324 available and 349756 system cache.

Granted, the CPU is no multi-core fire breathing monster, but I have no trouble with video editing and none of my other programs are slow to load.

I looked at the processes in Task Manager and mcshield.exe seemed to be the item slowing things down, so I temporarily stopped McAfee and opened Wave Editor again. This time it opened in a snap.

So, whatever happened initially that caused the message to appear that a file or something was stored improperly or with errors has caused McAfee (mcshield.exe) to run. It looks as though McAfee detects that something is wrong and goes about trying to find it, eventually giving up.

If I’m in a hurry, I can always stop McAfee, but I would rather fix whatever is wrong.

Does anyone know how to get out of this fix?

Stu Culp
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  1. Well, maybe you can try reinstalling the software? After uninstalling first it of course.
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