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I'm trying to boot my Dell Latitude D810 with a VectorLinux Live CD. It seems to not recognize the disk and ends up booting from the hard drive into Windows. I've gone into boot menu and told it to boot from CDrom, nothing. I have went into the bios and set it up that way and still it will not recognize the Linux CD. This same cd will boot up my Dell desktop. I tried burning another CD and it also will boot in the desktop but not on the Laptop. Anything?


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  1. you could try updating your dell's bios to see if that helps. also you could try installing from a usb thumbdrive instead of cd media. Oh also make sure if you are burning an iso image of a cd that you use cd media, not dvd media. sometimes that can cause problems.
  2. Slackware-based distros (of which Vecor is one) install best in the complete absence of ntfs; this means wiping the hard drive or partition where distro is to be installed using either the dd command or duke nuk'em, writing zeros to it.

    i.e. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4096 conv=notrunc,sync for entire hard drive
    . . . of=/dev/sdaX for partition
  3. Sounds like you are trying all the right things. Have you tried booting a different distro via CD or USB on your laptop?
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