Windows networking help : Old Domain controllers still have traces....

This has been plaguing our network for a long time and I really can't figure it out.

One of the most painful problems has been logoff scripts. We had several computers which, when you told them to either logoff, restart, or shutdown, would hang "running logoff scripts" for upwards of 5,6,7 minutes ( yes, i timed it once ! )

I finally found a registry entry HKEY current user\software\policies\microsoft\Logoff

I started deleting this logoff entry and it worked ! but... in some cases, that entry ends up getting replaced and the problem continues.

We don't use logoff scripts, but i guess at some point they did years ago and i have no idea where this information is being stored !

Also : I've seen entries on several systems citing an old domain controller that was demoted and removed earlier in the year or last year. Anyhow, the entries say it's unable to find the logon script, but all of our users have specified logon scripts in AD\profile that have the UNC path of our primary DC.

Any pointers here would be great, as I've been unable to find any helpful information.
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  1. Do you use the ipconfing /flushdns in the comman prompt?
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