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hi! . . I need your help. . My brother has been downloading stuffs from the internet. . . and the computer got a spyware. . Is there a way or a tool to block certain downloads ? Pls . . Help . .
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  1. Nope. Put a password on your computer and do not let him on. Get him his own computer and let him crash it with spyware. Let him set there with his crashed computer and don't help him fix it.
  2. Some Parental control software will allow you to create a block list or restrict access based on site ratings, I believe IE7 has minimal parental control built in, but never used it and He could always install FireFox..

    Or you could just break his fingers!
  3. thanks for the help. . I am using fox filter to block sites. . but he still manages to download through other sites. . is there a tool or a way to block certain file formats? Another thing . . If i use put the guest user will it even help stop the downloads?
  4. Using the guest account (in its default state) will restrict usage quite a bit. It may help.
  5. thanks for the help ! . . .
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