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I need help. I just finished my computer build and i need an OS. I'm trying to install Linux but I can't. Every time i would try to boot froma USB it would show me an error. I then used UNetBootin to configure the Usb drive to boot but it just freezes whenever i try to boot from that. Help?
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  1. tbh i have never had luck with unetbootin, try lili instead:
  2. It's still not working. I get a pink/purple screen, then a bunch of code and text pops up.
  3. when i press "space" on the purple screen Ubuntu pops up. I get a bunch of booting options and no matter which one i chose, it closes and a bunch of code pops up.
  4. Anyone?
  5. first check that your download was not corrupted by checking the md5hash against the known values.

    second, tell us what the 'code' error message is, take a picture or something if you must. How can we say whats wrong when all you tell us is that it doesnt work?
  6. Also tell us the hardware specs of your new build.
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