Buffalo LinkStation Live NAS - drive default as disconneted


I recently bought a Buffalo LinkStation Live with the primary purpose of having an easy backup solution. I also liked the media server option for future use.

I setup the NAS and have a problem. The drive has one physical drive formated at one partition. Within that I have several shared folders that I have mapped drive letters to. When I turn my laptop off and then restart it, the drive do not come online automatically. Under my computer, I can see the drive description and letter and a statement saying network drive disconnected. If I double clip on it, it instantly becaomes connected. I need to do this with each letter / folder. The NAS does not have a sleep mode, the wireless router it is plugged into was not reset and the internal IP addresses stayed the same. Even if I logged onto the drive to change paramters, the drive stay off line until I double click on them.

What am I missing? Do I need to change a paramter or is there a service that needs to be running? Please give me your thoughts.

Thank you,

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  1. Any thoughts?

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