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My mom is running XP Home on a Dell desktop. I was down there over the weekend and maxed out her memory to 1 gig. Afterwards, I went through and tried several programs out, including Spider Solitaire, which her and dad are addicted to. Everything was working good and fast. Dad played SS on Sat. night and Sunday morning and my grandson played Pinball. All seemed great...I got home on Sunday evening and my mom called to say she couldn't open Spider S. She could click on it to open and it would open a button on the taskbar. But when she tried clicking on the button, it would do nothing. If she right clicked and selected close, it would ask if she wanted to save the game. We tried it both ways, saving and not saving, and each time had the same results. I then talked her through uninstalling it and re-installing by way of the Control Panel/ add/remove/ windows components. Each time, after removing the tick in the game and saying ok and finish, I had her restart the computer and then we went through the same steps again to add the tick back in and we restarted the computer afterward. Nothing seemed to work....I even had her slow down hardware acceleration and that didn't help. Her screen resolution is 1024 x 768 and she is using high color at 32 bit. The only thing we can get now, is the little window that ask her what level of game does she want to play...no card screen or cards. It's like its there but we have no graphics to play with. If she keeps opening the game, it does the same thing. The only way to close it is with the right click on the taskbar button or through task manager.
Would anyone have any idea what else I can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. :bounce: Just letting everyone know that I solved this problem. Since the program acted like it was opening but we couldn't see it, it occurred to me that it had probably been moved off screen. My mom tried moving the mouse pointer around the edges of the monitor to try and 'grab' the edge of the window to no avail. So...after some research, I found out that you can right click on the taskbar button and chose move on the context menu. Then you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to 'move' the window back to the desktop. It worked like a charm and my folks now think I'm a genius...LOL...just thought this trick might help someone else someday.


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