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I have backuped my friend's data and reinstalled windows, but there was a hidden file I missed. When I formatted windows I just did a quick format to ntfs for Win XP. I tried to use GetDataBack for NTFS and it found the file names (mainly text files), but when they were restored they were all jumbled and on some files Word didn't recognize the file format. Is there a better program to use to restore data?

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  1. What kind of file is this? I sometimes use CardRecovery for images.
  2. Recuva worked for me 2
  3. Recuva is the best and free...
  4. Another vote for Recuva, and there's another application called restoration, you could use it in case you don't have any luck with recuva.
  5. yes using a recommended recovery program is the best step to avoid nonsense with your data which is most precious for you.However freeware does not work all times may be because of limited features or you could not find the files of your choice i-e with files or folder name and size.
  6. use hirencdboot :
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