Can't install SP3

I am working on a friend's machine. He got so rampantly infested that I decided a clean install was best. I got XP Home installed, all the chipset, video, audio, and network drivers as well. I am trying to get SP3 installed and it keeps failing. I have Googled the error and it seems to be just a general error with no direction as to what causes it. Right now, attempting to install the updates one at a time via the "Review other updates" button. I hope that works. Also during the last reboot, after the Flash screen it gave an error stating "A problem has been detected with your Hard Drive Press Enter to continue" I hit Enter and it booted into Windows without issue. So, I'm wondering could it be the HDD "Problem" or maybe the low Ram size. I dunno. Any idea appreciated.


Gateway 500 series
P4 2.4G
256mb PC2700
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  1. hello

    i do you have a ram problem most installs of XP now need 512MB min prefered 1-2GB ram

    i would upgrade the system with more memory if possible and that should fix the problem with the computer

    from mattym1985
  2. Good advice to increase the ram - but I have installed sp3 on a PII 330 with 128mb ram and it ran just fine. So ram unlikely to be the problem.

    Try installing by downloading the full sp3 iso , about 540mb from memory. I have done quite a few upgrades with that sp and it has never failed yet. When sp3 first came out there were lots of issues with failed installs using the trimmed down download from MSupdate. The full install is the way to go.
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