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when someone using the phone it causes interference and makes the computer lose connection, i have it on 24/7 and need it online always, i cant maintain connection and need it to auto reconnect , however im using this ralink wireless software that came with the adapter, and i have to click refresh for it to reconnect, since i have no monitor i use ultravnc to control it , it has to be online, i need some software that will try to reconnect , theres plenty like this for dialup but i didnt find any for cable and wireless
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  1. Are you using cordless phone? Sounds like your phone and wireless network are interfering with each other.
  2. yes 2.4ghz phone causes interfearence and making it disconnect, but i also have this wireless tv sender and receiver which also causes disconnects, before playing with the channels i want to find how to make it auto reconnect
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