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Ok so I am new to networking, so please be patient with me. My wife just got a new laptop(finally now she wont be messing with my files on my desktop{hopefully}) and it came with vista pre-installed now my desktop is running xp home(not a big fan of prof) I do have a wireless card in my desktop for connecting to a wireless modem bu now I am in need of xfering some files and getting her set up to print on my printers I have without having to connect them to he laptop. is this possible or am I crazy for trying this. Also If I have to I am prepaired to upgrade her to XP if needed.
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  1. here are some specs if they are needed
    her new laptop

    Compaq® Presario® notebook
    Save $180
    after easy rebate
    Valid Oct 7 - 13
    Add to Shopping List

    • Compaq® Presario® notebook includes AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55
    • 1GB RAM
    • 120GB hard drive
    • 15.4" display
    • SuperMulti DVD drive with LightScribe™
    • 802.11b/g wireless LAN
    • Windows Vista™ Home Premium
    • $629.98 - $150 instant savings - $30 easy rebate = $449.98

    my desktop
    amd athlon XP2500+(oc's to 3200+)
    2gb pc 3200 ocz platnum ram
    80, 160, 250gb hard drive's
    cd burner
    dvd burner
    dvd rom
    128mb geforce 5600 graphics card
    850watt ocz powersupply
    and card reader.
  2. Your best would be to get a Wireless Router. I have a ZyXEL X-550 but Netgear, Buffalo Tech, or Lynksys make good routers. Her laptop will have a wireless card so all you'll need is a router. I'd get a Wireless G rather than N because the latter doesn't have the final standardization and is more expensive. Setting it up is easy, you'll get a CD that will walk you through it. Then run the wireless set up wizard on her machine and be sure to allow file sharing. I recently got a print server, they're around $40 - $50. You don't have to use one but if she'll do a lot of printing they make life a whole lot easier. Basically, you install a network printer on her laptop.
  3. I did for get to mention that I have a
    D-Link WDA-2320 IEEE 802.11b/g PCI Rangebooster G Desktop Adapter Up to 108Mbps Data Rates 64/128-Bit WEP, WPA - Retail
  4. If this is it, it's a wireless adapter not router

    These are routers are examples of routers. The information/somg;es be it if files, printer sharing, or an Internet are sent through/routed through the router. Routers are the easiest way to link computes and share the internet between computes. Very easy to setup, you get a CD that will walk you through it. Then use the XP Network Wizard on he computer hardwired to the router and the Wireless Wizard for the one with the wireless connector. If you encounter a problem, which is unlikely, you can post here and get help. As i said, I have the ZyXEL X-550 very easy to set up and I have had no problems with mine and have had it for about a year and have had up to 5 computers and a Wii or PS3, one of the grandkids and can't remember which, connected at one time.
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