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After I formatted my computer, the sound of my pc lost and our monitor starts to flitter everytime i scroll down.

I'm thinking that our video card had been erased and need to be install again but I dont know how.. I've already look in device manager but its not there,, need help,, tnx
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  1. What video card? What computer? List your system specs. including video card, CPU, MB etc. It's hard to help and not know anything other than you have a computer? You will have to install a video card driver and MB chipset driver if you reformated the hard drive and reinstalled the Operating system.
  2. motherboard: emaxx (emx-mcp61s-avl),, i dont have the CD and dont know what specific software should i need. I have already reinstall my OS. When I go to device manager there is a yellow question mark but everytime I try to install, it said he cant find the software... This are the things with yellow marked: PCI device, PCI simple communication controller, SM Bus controller and Video controller (VGA Compatible). Is it possible that my motherboard comes with a videocard? Thanx very much for the reply
  3. Yes, the Motherboard has onboard video. The MB driver/utility CD has the drivers for the MB. Drivers like on board video, chipset, etc. Here is the product page website for your motherboard. I am not familiar at all with your board, but download an install all the driver from the product page. You may want to save the downloaded drivers to your desktop and make a CD of the drivers to keep with the board.

    Download all these drivers, install each of them then save them to disk.
  4. Sir Badge,, Thanx,, You are really a great help to me!!! TNX TNX TNX!!! ^^
  5. i have the same mobo but i cant seen to install a video card? do i have to disable the onboard one? i want to use ATI x1550pro but its not working?

    please help.
  6. The Radeon 1550 will require a specific driver. Use the one on the installation CD that came with the video card. Check BIOS for any feature which may enable the AGP slot or set the AGP as the primary device. If new and never tested, install the card in another machine to be sure it working properly and not damaged. Down load the MB manual from the link provided and read it. I am not familiar with that MB.
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