Motherboard Monitor Configuration On IT8712F

Anyone configured on IT8712F before? I'm running an Intel 82801GB ICH7 (S478) and can only seem to get Temp readings for HDD.
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  1. What else are you trying to monitor in any case?
  2. CPU, NB, SB, CPU Fan. Thats about it. I tried mailing livewiredev but the msg didnt get through.
  3. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with LiveWire. But aren't there other temperature monitoring software you can try using, such as Everest.
  4. yea. I'm also trying out Speedfan & CPUID. However they dont perform MBM's features. I'm currently using a trial version of Everest Ultimate Edition Version 5.30.1900. Do u have a product key I can use?
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