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So I am having a little problem, I own a Gateway M-6862 laptop with Windows Vista. I want to remove Vista and install XP, and I have XP Home Edition 32-Bit to use. Now, I have a 250GB SATA hard drive in this laptop, and the partitioning software on XP installation is refusing to see this hard drive, and I have tried toggling all the BIOS settings and other various things I could, and no success. I could have swore it detected this drive when I tried to install XP a month or so ago on an external HDD, but now it can't see the internal SATA hard drive.

Has anyone had this problem before, or know how to fix this??

Thank you for any help you have :).
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  1. hello geeky77

    you need to download the SATA Drivers for your laptop and copy them to a floppy disk for windows to read from during the setup process

    and if you don't have a floppy disk drive in your laptop follow the below steps and they do work as i used it to get my laptop back to XP from vista

    don't forget to get the correct SATA drivers for your laptop

    i hope this helps

    from mattym1985
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