Switching from Windows to Linux, problem with Mobo drivers

I had Windows for a long time, and my computer is getting very old so I am thinking of going to Linux, Mint 13, to be precise. But there is a slight problem with my drivers for the mobo. It is a very old motherboard, so it came with drivers, like RAID and Audio drivers, and the Windows simply wont recognise the other drive, that is not the part of the HDD that it's on. Here is a simpler definition:

HDD 1 > Split into 2 drives, one for Windows, other one for movies.

HDD 2> Doesn't have any connection to the HDD 1, so Windows won't recognise it without the RAID driver.

So what I'm asking here is will the Mint recognise the HDD 2, or will I have to make do without the HDD 2???
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  1. It probably will. Linux is great on older hardware, because other people have been where you are, only they blazed the trail for you. You could just boot a LiveCD distribution (not sure if Mint qualifies), and then see if the drive is recognized or not. My guess is that it will be without you having to do anything, but if not, then you can do some poking around to try and figure out a solution and/or maybe try a different distribution.
  2. Linux Mint should do just fine. You can download LM13 and use for example unetbootin to create a bootable Linux Mint USB stick. Of course, your computer must be able to boot from USB.

    There are different Linux Mint 13 versions. If your hardware is old and you don't have much RAM (like 512 MB or 1 GB), may I suggest to get the XFCE version.
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