HELP!! Can't Open "SATA Slave" drive!!

I just got rid of the taste of Windows 7 beta from my computer, and copied my backup documents to my temp drive on my slave harddrive. After I formatted C: to reinstall Vista, reinstated my drivers and everything, I tried to restore my backups, only to find that double clicking any of my partitians on my 2nd HDD does nothing. Right clicking gives me a handful of options, but the primary option is "Install or Run Setup". Right clikc reveals that I can also Open Autorun, and then there's just the Open that I can't use. When I right click..>open I get an error to the effect of "You don't have permission to open... (I'm at work and don't remember exactly what it says". HOWEVER, I can open the drive if I use the Open Autorun or use my Drive Management in administrator tools. So it's just having a problem.

That and my Windows Update just doesn't do anything and drivers will not install or correct themselves now.

Should I just reformat or what? Or is there a HotFix for this already?
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  1. No one has had this problem?
  2. You have to take ownership of the files.
  3. How do I do that? I never had this problem with my IDE harddrives.
  4. Bring up Properties, then click on the Security tab. This isn't a drive problem, it's a Windows account issue. When you created your user account in Win 7, did you password that account? If you did, then in order to access the files in Vista again, you have to take ownership of the files back again. Vista will not import security info from Win 7 the way Win 7 would from Vista.
  5. ah ok. that's really weird. i didn't password it or anything but when I was in my properties this morning, it was showing as my Vista user as the admin. is there some steps to just make it where there's no security on these drivers and ALL users can use them? I don't want to really mess with this issue again.
  6. I'm having the same issue with my system. I cannot copy files from my old
    XP drive (Slave), to my new Win 7 drive. I keep getting the Administrator
    right issue no matter what I do. :??:

    I will continue to investigate this issue until I resolve it. When I do, I will
    let you know what I did.

    For now, I rebooted up with the XP drive and copied the files I needed to
    an external storage unit. From there, I will add these to the Win 7 drive.

    Hang-In there!!

    Merry Christmas anyhow.

  7. Go to your "SATA slave", right click, propeties, security tab, advance, owner, edit, and select your account, check the box "replace owner on subcontainers and objects", apply, ok, apply, ok, and finally, apply and ok.

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