Is my motherboard Sata 3.0 compatible?

DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D

I'm trying to figure out if Sata 3.0 is the way to go and if I'm capable of getting the max experience from it.
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  1. Yep, you can use up to 4 sata 3gb/s drives.
  2. Sweet I just read that the motherboard only supports up to Sata 2.0 with up to 3gb transfers.

    Dude you are a SAINT!!!

    Thanks for helping me out on ever problem.
  3. Well, that's what a sata 3.0 drive is. A serial ATA HDD with a speed of 3gb/s.

    The name sata 2 doesnt really mean anything, it's just used to differentiate between sata 1.5gb/s drives.

    sata 2, sata 3gb/s, sata 3.0, they're all the same thing.
  4. sata 2 is 3gb/s
    sata 3 is 6gb/s
    Im not sure yet if sata 3 is compatible with the sata 2 motherboards
  5. it is but it won't run at full speed, dual sas will run at full speeds of 6gbps though.
  6. Clearing up the confusion (if any):

    SATA1, 2 and upcoming 3 are all compatible. The speed will be limited by either the hard drive (or SSD) or by the interface. For example, a future hard drive running at 400MB/second in SATA1 will be limited to 150MB/second.

    If you have a SATA2 (300MB/sec) connector on your motherboard, in 2 years when SSD's are more reliable and cheaper I'd get one for my operating system but spend your money on size and quality and don't exceed 300MB/second which would be a waste of money. (a 300MB/sec SSD is incredibly fast, especially when combined with 4GB of RAM to buffer your programs)

    Wikipedia should be your first stop for questions of this sort anyway.
  7. SATA 3 is as yet unavailable, SATA 2(which is rated for 3.0Gbs) is compatible with SATA 1 (which is rated for 1.5Gbs). The plans for SATA 3 say that it will be compatible with SATA 2 and 1.
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