GRUB BL not showing up, can still select OS

I just installed Mint 13 parallel with my Windows XP, with the something else method, but now I've run into a little problem. I was using LiveUSB for the installation, and it did everything correctly, but when I booted the PC, it didn't show up. Then I printed a picture of how the GRUB BL should look like, and then when it was the time for the GRUB to appear, I blindly selected my XP installation by the picture and it booted the XP. So now I'm wondering what's wrong, did it not install correctly or something??? Also I installed the GRUB on /sda, first it was giving me an option to install it on /sdb, but that was my HDD for games and movies, and /sda was the one that had XP and the /sd2 and /sd3. Also, when it blacks out, my monitor just shows a message saying to change from 92Hz to 60Hz. So is it a problem with the GRUB or the monitor, or did I install the GRUB on the wrong HDD???
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  1. so it boots to grub, but shows no text?
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