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I have the 8800gtx, Vista, and Forceware 158.43. Is there a download somewhere, so I can be able to view the old control panel? I tried to install Coolbits 2, and it won't work. Does coolbits 2 work with forceware 158.43? Last question. I tried to install Xtreme-g 158.43 inf file in the regular 158.43 file. It doesn't work. Can someone tell me step by step where the file goes, and how to get there?
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  1. AFAIK, they dropped the Classic View from the Control Panel. Gone, adios. In with the new. :cry:

    I *thought* I read somewhere they might bring back the Classic View in future releases, but not confirmed.

    I'm afraid you're stuck like the rest of us. :?
  2. Well that sucks. I absolutely hate the new control panel. The classic one was so easy to navigate and user friendly. :x
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