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I'm Installing Vista back onto a bought system But using a System Builders Disk from another System Since the Boughten Crap doesn't come with a Disk.
When I attempt to install it, It wants thee Vista Disk # and then I cant seem to register the Vista # that came from the Factory. If this is something I do allot of what software should I purchase so that I can reload Vista and Use the same Registration #'s on the boughten PC with Factory installed Vista.
Thanks in advance,
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  1. You either have to use the media that came with the PC (I assume it's a brand-name PC, correct?); most of the time you have to create this media yourself as most OEMs no longer ship restore discs... OR... you have to get your hands on a Vista OEM DVD. The advantage to the restore media is that you don't have to input the product key or activate once the install is completed. With the OEM DVD, you have to input the key from the sticker on your computer and you will most likely have to call MS to activate it. Other than that, it should work.
  2. OK so am i correct in saying that my System Builders Disk can only be installed on One PC only, but if I had OEM I could install it on several computers and use the original Microsoft Key #

    Sorry to make it so complicated but I know that If i want to clean out or fix a PC I don't want to Purchase a new Disk when I already have Vista installed on the PC.

    Thanks So Much,
  3. System Builder and OEM usually mean the same thing. As long as it's a generic disc and not manufacturer-specific, it should work.
  4. I was looking on and they list a OEM and a Builders edition so I bet the OEM is what I need ...
    Thanks for your help
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