Front Audio Connectors: Poss. to Use Rear + Have Front Poss?


From what I understand, my MB manual says that if I connect the front audio conectors to the MB, I will lose the rear audio output. However, I swear I've seen PCs that can use the rear audio connectors for speakers and the front when needed (I understand that BOTH CANNOT be used at the same time).

Am I missing something like an option in Windows that can enable me to use the rear audio ports for standalone speakers and headphones for the front ports?

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  1. Your MB have HD audio so there are no linkes installed on the front audio connector, the lanbox f-audio connector are HD audio connectors.
    This meanes the connectors will not short out the pins like the old conectors on cases with no HD Front connectors to use to do. (MB with links installed on the F-audio connector.)

    You can connect the F-audio connectors an it shoud worh just fine.
  2. Ok. Thanks for the reply - I'll try that once I solve this "Disk Boot Failure" crap...
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