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I did something incredibly stupid and attempted to use partition magic 8.0 on Windows 7 (which I've found out now is unsupported). I was attempting to resize my XP partition (via Windows 7). So when booting into Windows 7, partition magic gave me an error that it couldn't resize my XP partition. I tried a few times, then tried aborting the partition magic at Windows 7 bootup. Now it won't even let me abort, so I can't get into Windows 7 at all! After a bit of reading on the internet, I decided to clear out my Windows\Temp, because thats where the batch file partition magic was executing lived. Now I'm just getting the error "PartitionMagic (xmnt2002.exe) PartitionMagic is unable to read the batch file. Verify that the system32 directory is not compressed or corrupt. Press any key to continue".

Is my only option to wipe it?
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  1. Also if possible I would just like to skip the batch file executing, the first thing I'm doing when I boot windows 7 is uninstall partition magic.
  2. :fou: Try to repair it with the system disk.

    Partitionmagic can not compatible with vista, not alone windows 7. If you want to partition your windows 7, try this freeware easeus partition manager home.
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