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Long time visitor of toms hardware, first time on the forums........ Was hoping someone might help me with an issue I'm having with a computer I recently set up. Some quick background, I used Win2000 for years but recently had a computer given to me that is a lot more update compared to my 6+ year win2000 machine. So I get the new computer cleaned up and ready to go, had a lot of files I wanted to transfer over from the old machine. Following the advice on an tutorial over at small net builder to set up a shared folder between the win2000 and xp machine (reason I bring this up is I believe it might have something to do with my issue). I get the files transfered to the new computer, downloaded the programs I wanted, everything seems to be going great. Multiple programs that need a connection to the internet are having problems, but for example I'll talk about Xbox connect (XBC), All rooms for xbc come up with a ping of FW (firewall), which I know isn't correct. Running ipconfig it shows my IP address as, which at first I didn't think was an issue. Today I got to thinking and realized with the port I was plugged into the router my IP address should be, not To make sure something wasn't going on with my router I hooked the computer up into port 4 on the router which should have been, but it's still showing up at 100. So after a really long explanation, my question is straight forward...... does anyone have an idea of what setting in XP is causing it to be displaying the wrong IP address? Could it have been something I did to set up the share folder? Sorry i'm not an expecting with networking, hence why I've came here. Thank for your help in advice for anyone that would help me out.

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  1. Any address you got from your router doing DHCP is dynamic and can be anything within the subnetwork alllocated for the DHCP services unless you have some DHCP reservations set aside for the. It doesn't matter what port you plug into on the router.
  2. Why do you say its the wrong address?
    Routers have a range of addresses they can use. The first component plugged in will get the first address, 2nd comp gets 2nd address. It has no bearing on what port its plugged into. On many routers, they keep track of mac addresses even when the component is unplugged. If that component gets plugged back in within the DHCP release time it will give the origional address back to that component.
    If you must have a certain address on a componetnt you will need to set a static ip address either on the computer or in the router (if it supports it).
    If everything is working network wise dont worry about the addresses.
  3. It just always seemed like whatever was plugged into port one was always assigned the IP address ending in 101, port two 102, port three 103 and so on.................... so to see the computer hooked into port one be 100 seemed like it might have something to do with it. I understand what you're saying though, it seems that XP is blocking the ports like I have a firewall up, but I have xp's built in firewall shut off and no other firewalls are installed. Being that I'm not great with networking I have no idea where the hold up is. When setting up to share the drive with my windows 2000 machine is it possible I changed a setting to only allow incoming connections from the win2k machine and block all other connections?
  4. Are you still having problems?

    Does the router have a firewall built-in?

    Do the xboxs need certain ports open to work correctly? I have never messed with xbox on a lan before.
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