antec neo he 550w?? cooler master igreen 500w?

hey guys

im trying to put together a system(gigabyte ds3, e6420, 8880 gts etc) and i was going to get the igreen 500w by coolermaster when I saw that on some power supply lists it wasn't exactly top tier material. I then saw that antec neo he's were rated well and near the top on the power supply tier lists. There is one for 69$ after rebate on new egg (550w) but on new egg there seems to be a lot of failures and there are some forums with dedicated topics about how the neo he's are very problematic. does anyone have any experience with either power supply and advice as to whether I should be weary of getting the antec neo he or the cooler master?


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  1. The iGreen line is okay, I don't really like 'em, but that's just personal preference.

    The NeoHE is Seasonic built, Seasonic makes awesome power supplies. I have heard the NeoHE isnt built as well as other Seasonic OEMs though. That could be the reason they tend to fail.

    You might want to look at the 400w Enermax Liberty, similar price point and power.
  2. igreen seems to get good reviews, however the tiered power supply guides don't seem to like it. NeoHE also got good reviews but a lot of users claim that it blows up and there are lots of DOAs. I want something with a little more power than the 400w enermax, especially for future upgrades.
  3. What's your max budget for the PSU? There arent that many options in the $80 range.
  4. At first I was looking at the 50$ hiper R 480 but then I saw the cooler master on sale and also the neo he on sale both for 80 and 70 respectively. 80 really is my ceiling as it seems I can get a good psu for 50-80.
  5. What are your system specs? There are good options in the $50-80 range. It may not be a top-tier in the lists that you are looking at, but there are good options.
  6. Well, then the 550w NeoHE is your best choice. After the rebate, it's the best PSU for the price.
  7. i agree, the 550w NeoHE is a well made psu (for the money) and made by seasonic.
  8. So the ANTEC Neo He 550 is actually built by SEASONIC?

    Am I understanding this correctly?
  9. Quote:
    So the ANTEC Neo He 550 is actually built by SEASONIC?

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    also the truepower series ... and more

    you can get the Antec TruePower 550 for $65 shipped from
    its got 34max amps and should power a GTS
  10. Yep, so are the True Power Trios and EarthWatts. But JonnyGuru has stated that they arent up to snuff with Seasonics other power supplies.
  11. I have sold Antec NeoHE power supplies for almost 2 years, pretty much since they were released. I have probably sold 250 or so, in the various sizes.

    Of all those, the only ones that were returned were the earlier versions that had flaws, as you probably see in other posts. I have not had a return on any NeoHE's since about this time last year. I even use a NeoHE 550 for a bench power supply to test motherboards, as well as one in my office desktop.

    The NeoHE series is one of the better series that I would trust at this time.
  12. I'm abroad right now but coming back in one month and starting my build. I am keeping an eye out for good deals on parts and snatching them up if they seem like a real bargain. Will have an e6420, a 8800 gts 320, 2 opticals, a hd etc. I'll probably go with the neo he because its only 70$, has modular cables, and has gotten good reviews. Hopefully I can get a newer revision that has less problems than the earlier ones. Even with the negative reviews on newegg and

    any other power supplies in the 50-80 range right now besides the igreen with at least 500w?
  13. My NeoHE 550 W arrives today. I'll post if it gives me any problems.
  14. I used a Antec Neo HE for my first build and so far I havent had any problems although I have only used my new computer about 10 times because I have not been able to get a video card yet.
  15. Well - I got it.

    Was easy to install and powered up without a problem. Everything works fine.

    the bad news it didn't solve any of my video card problems.

    At least now I know I have a good enough PSU for something like a 320 mb 8800 GTS when I decide to buy another card.
  16. What are your symptoms? Maybe we can help you troubleshoot...
  17. I have a 7800 GT that just acts wonky. I was sure that the PSU that came with my case was the culprit but obviously it wasn't.

    It won't play certain games (sometimes) at 1680x1050. The games just crash to the desktop. Oblivion is the main culprit here but it's happened with other games too.

    When I switch to lower res the games will play.

    Artifacts are pretty bad in some games. HL 2 for instance ran perfectly on my previous 7600 GT but the picture in places gets corrupted when I try it with the 7800 GT. Mostly it seems to happen when it's trying to render shadows. They just suddenly appear as blank gray spots on the screen.

    It's all a real shame because the 7800 GT has a much better picture quality than the 7600 GT.

    Thanks for your help but I have to conclude that the card is defective. :(
  18. 1. Are you monitoring temps while playing? If yes, then waht are they?
    2. Do you have the most recent drivers for the 7800GT?
    3. Have you searched the nVidia forums for issues that are similar to yours with the same game, card, and drivers?
    4. Have you searched the Oblivion FAQs/Forums for issues similar to yours?
    5. Have you tried stress testing the video card using 3DMark06? If yes, then are there any stability issues? Artifacts?

    There are a lot of things that you can do to troubleshoot. Don't just throw up your hands and guess that it is the video card. When you do that you end up buying new parts that you don't a PSU. A little heartache troubleshooting can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
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