Which desktop envirnment?

Dear All,
I've built my own pc, the specs are as follows:
Core i7 3770k
8 GB 1600 MHz Ram
Corsair Force GT SSD
1x Caviar Black HDD (1TB), 1 x Caviar Blue (1TB)

I've been using linux for a while, and mostly have used Gnome.
However, after the mess that is Gnome 3, and the multiple personality disorder it has developed (Mate, Cinnamon, Fallback), I'm kinda uncertain as to what should I use for this PC.

Currently on my laptop I'm using Openbox, and I enjoy the speed. However, there are certain things I miss from a full fledged desktop environment, like panels, and network configuration.

I've tried KDE time and again, only to find it slow (for my laptop) and filled with stuff not really useful for intermediate/advanced users. It seems like its trying too hard to be windows.

So what would you suggest?
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  1. Xfce4.
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    well if you like openbox, you really have TONS of options.

    Gnome+openbox as a window manager
    ...the list goes on forever

    I like the default crunchbang setup
  3. Thanks for the reply!
    I'll try out crunchbang as well.
    Other than that, I'm planning to do a minimal install to check out Xfce, Fluxbox, Awesome, and KDE.
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