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I want to build an HTPC and connect it to my TV via HDMI port, any suggestions for a good graphics card that would do the job?
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  1. Look here. Not available til July, maybe late June. Totally silent. Hasnt been reviewed other than the HD features, good for 5.1 sound and full HD decoding, both H.264 and VC1
  2. looks good but i'm intrested in buying my card during june. I don't have the patienceto wait till july :D
  3. What cpu are you going to use for it? If it isnt a higher end cpu, then go with a 8600gts, tho theyre overpriced. If you have a nicer cpu, then go with a 8800gts for around 300USD. What kind of rig are you putting together?
  4. i'll probably get a e6600 cpu with 2 gigs of RAM , I don't intend to do any gaming with this setup only for media purposes so isn't 8800gts overkill?
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