Iexplorer.exe is taking 100% of CPU usage

Running WINXP and IE6. Used to run well but recently iexplorer.exe takes 100% CPU usage when opening standard web page then locks up IE so i have to close it. AVG AV up to date. Have run Housecall, Adaware, Spybot, etc. nothing improves.
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  1. Try either updating to IE 7 or 8 or going to Firefox (you can import all your bookmarks if you're worried about loosing them).
  2. Do a scan with Avira once. Its also free.
  3. I have a laptop with similiar configuration and it works fine with IE6 so I doubt that is the problem. I did uograde another computer to IE7 which slowed it down noticably using IE7 vs IE6. I'll try the Avira thing.
  4. Don't do the Avira thing while AVG is still active.

    Two resident AntiVirus programs running are a recipe for disaster, especially if your system is already unstable.

    Choose one or the other, Avira is better in my opinion, but if you want to scan with an antimalware application and keep your current AntiVirus program I would recommend running Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware instead.

    Download free version, install, update and let it do the quick scan.

    I would follow TheViper's advice and upgrade the browser too.
  5. Already ran Malwarebytes before i posted as well as most other antimalware, antispyware, antivirus tools etc. Don't like the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks "approach. I might get Avira a shot just to rule that out.
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