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I recently noticed that Svchost was using alot of memory/ram. I have googled this problem with little luck, the possibility i found out was it could be bad drivers still left on my system and was not removed properly...any help/suggestions?
Btw the screenshot was from system start up, after an hour or so it shoots up to 150K

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  1. If you go to Task Manager's "Performance" tab and click the "Resource Monitor..." button, you'll be able to see which service is the one that's using the memory. Click the "Memory" tab of Resource Monitor and then click one of the memory columns to sort so you can see which process is the hog. The "Image" name will show not only SvcHost but also (in parenthesis) the service in question.

    Knowing the specific service will help to determine whether the memory usage is normal or not.
  2. Im sorry but that did not really help which process/service part of svchost is taking up lots of my usage, heres the screens -

    I have also taken another image of the services tab in task manager of that particular svchost.exe process

    Anymore ideas please?
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    So you've found the services that are associated with the process that's using the memory. You could try turning off some of those services to see how much memory you'll save. For example, the "Superfetch" service is a fairly obvious one to try - it prefetches disk sectors in memory that it thinks are likely to be needed so that they're instantly available when you come to use them.

    Note, however, that some of these can't be turned off - they're an integral part of Windows and the system won't function without them. For example, the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager is the root of all screen activity and the system won't work without it.

    Also keep in mind that lots of memory in use is not necessarily a bad thing. Windows caches stuff in memory to help speed the system up, but if you need that memory for an active program then it will be released automatically. You paid for the memory, having it sit there empty all the time isn't a particularly good return on your investment.
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  5. Hello,

    I have 12GB in my system from the factory and it is still causing slowness between applications/files and short mouse freezes. Even though it is taking up to 250MB of memory, I still have plenty free. This is causing me to believe that it is probably a virus, but my AVG Business Edition and Malwarebytes Pro aren't finding anything. This also only tends to happen after four or six hours work (it makes the second half of my day Hell).

    I'm going to experiment with which background services are allowed to run, but, so far, I'm drawing a blank. When it gets at its peaks of the day, for now, I'm just killing that process until it comes back every few minutes. Some days are worse than others.
  6. It is a clear case of Windows Update Memory leak Bug , in it windows update service will constantly check for updates indefinitely, also causing High CPU/ Memory usage which eats up almost every available bit of RAM. Fortunately Microsoft fixed it permanently in march 2016.To check if you are having same problem or not do this:
    Open Task Manager>Process(tab)>right click most resource eating svchost.exe>delect Go To Services>scroll throgh and see if "wuaserv" is highlighted or not.
    If it is highlighted then you are also experiencing this problem.To solve it Permanently Try
    .Hope it will work for you.
    DIsabling Services is NOT recommended
    For any Help just reply in Forum.:)
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