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"windows did not configure updates correctly" comp restarts to display same mess

Last response: in Windows Vista
March 3, 2009 3:17:34 AM

hello all. this is my first system build. i have windows vista 64 ultimate. i initially booted fine and downloaded video drivers. i played far cry 2 for three hours fine. then windows restarted my system for an "important update."only trouble is, as soon as i put in my password for my profile, a message comes up saying windows did not configure the updates correctly and automatically restarts my comp again. i let it do its thing for about five cycles, then i turned it off.

i set my bios to boot from hdd, but i still have to press f1 for it to boot.

Please Help!!!
thank you
March 5, 2009 2:21:12 AM

If you just installed it, you could contact Microsoft support.
March 15, 2009 8:04:24 AM

I've had similar problems with Vista Home 64 bit. Still trying to work the bugs out of the operating system.

About the BIOS stoppage. On the last BIOS screen when it tells you to press F1 to continue. Check to see if there are any failures in the hardware. It will tell you on that screen if there are any problems. It shouldn't matter what the boot sequence is, as it will give you the option to boot from CD/DVD on every boot-up cycle, so booting from HD is normal. If you have an internal floppy drive, you should get it out of the boot sequence, unless you are going to make boot disks with floppys. If it is a Floppy Failure (as in my case), I just removed my floppy drive and all worked well after that. Call it a $10 learning experience, and I'll replace it with an external if I ever need one.