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Alright, I have my main PC that is currently connected to the internet w/ my roommate's wrt54g router and it works great. My motherboard has two Ethernet ports and I want to use one of them to have a wired connection to my own WRT54g router for file sharing for systems only connected to that router. However, when I enable my wired connection in windows I can access and ping my router, but I can no longer receive internet, but the wireless connection is still on.

Is there away for me to connect two both these routers and retain internet?

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  1. You will probably have to set static ips for your connections. Make sure the non-internet router is not using the same ip range as the internet router. If you can change the subnet that the non-internet router uses.
    Try setting the non-internet router nic with no default gateway.
  2. Changed the IP addy and subnet addy and they both work now perfectly. Thanks
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