Security Tool Rogue Anti-Virus Help?

Hey everyone!

I was multitasking and acidentally downloaded something (wasn't paying attention) and I think it turned out to be Security Tool :pfff: . Eventually the "virus!" pop-ups started to appear. So I got instructions and got rid of it via Malwarebytes and HijackThis. Ran it in safe mode, etc. But some post I have seen say once that is all done to do a system restore. I beleive I have gotten the files which make security tool actually activate on my PC off, so is a system restore really necessary?

Excuse my spelling, very tired at the moment :D

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    malwarebytes does a great job,you should be fine!
  2. The system restore isn't needed if malwarebytes took care of the problem. There'd be no point in running an antimalware program, if you were just going to run a system restore after.
  3. Yeah, but what's the chance of certain binary keys, etc. being left in the registery?

    I've been looking around and found a file in Software under HKEY_CURRENT_USter -> Software called SecuROM. Under it, there's a file named !CAUTION! NEVER DELETE OR CHANGE ANY KEY and License Information. I can't delete or touch either file and don't remember it being there previously + A file with that kind of name seems suspicious.
  4. its not a bad key ,it is supposed to be there!
  5. If you're concerned that the malware did some damage to your registry, download ccleaner and scan/repair it.
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