Feedback, Buzzing through headphone Jack on Vista Laptop

It seems whenever I am using ac power, I get an annoying buzzing through the headphone jack on my Laptop. If i run off of the battery, it goes away. The "buzzing" noise seems to be feedback from the hard drive or when the dvd drive is spinning. It is a Gateway FX dual core running Vista 32. However a friend of mine has the same problem on an Hp laptop with almost the same hardware. On previous Xp Pc's and laptops i have been able to correct this by muting the cd audio playback in the XP sound mixer. However in Vista I am Unable to find such a setting or adjustment. Has anyone else run into this?
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  1. I had this same problem. I've got an HP Pavilion running Vista but maybe the issue is similar on either. Not sure if you've found a fix yet, but this worked for me.

    Right Click on the Sound/Volume Icon by your clock on the taskbar.
    Go to playback devices.
    Right click on your speakers/Headphones and choose Properties.
    Now, under the Levels tab on the top, mute the "PC Speaker" but leave the "Speakers" as they are.

    My buzzing stopped immediately and the sound hasn't been affected otherwise. Hope this helps.
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