Dual Boooting Ubuntu and Win8 media sharing?

Hello all,

I started to attempt to build my working knowledge of Linux lately.

I had been running a few version on the VMplayer but I went ahead and set up the Ubuntu 12 LTS as a dual boot.

I had a basic question as I am still very much a noob in linux land.

Is there an easy way to access the media file that are on the HDD while booted into Ubuntu?

They are native to this hard drive. They are there while in windows but at least for now I am not seeing a way to access my mp3s an FLACs.

Anyway thanks in advance for the help. :pt1cable:

PS:It is nice to make a forum post completely Wintel free.
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  1. Yes you can access (read and write!) windows formatted 'NTFS' partitions in linux via the 'ntfs-3g' driver.

    Ubuntu wiki page on the subject.
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