Mixing PC2-4200 and PC2-5300 on a Dell Inspirion 6400


I just bought a Dell Inspirion 6400 notebook computer that came with 2X 512MB PC2-4200 RAM. I just saw a good deal in Newegg for 1GB-PC2-5300.

I have a few quesitons:

1. Can I just remove one of the 512MB PC2-4200 from the notebook and add the 1GB-PC2-5300 so I get 1.5G of RAM?

2. Will this hurt the performance since the MHZ is different being that PC2-4200 is 533 and PC2-5300 is 667?

Thanks a lot in advanced!
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  1. 1) Yes, that should work.
    2) No, the RAM you are buying is *rated* at DDR2-667, but the computer will run all installed memory at the same speed, chosen to be compatible with all installed memory (in your case the speed should be DDR2-533).
  2. Great! Thanks for the answer!
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