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I'd like to read more about this software, but someONE closes the threads just when they are getting good.

So, I am looking at TotalMedia. I'd rather a FREE one, like MPC working with BD's, but I'm looking now.

Any thoughts? Plus's and minus's? They all stunk at first, but they've had some time to mature, so I am wondering what the thoughts are on them now...

Thanks in advance..
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  1. Quote:
    you wanna play bd or edit it?

    Just looking to play them right now, but may edit them in the future. I currently edit some AVCHD videos from my Panasonic DMC-TS1 camera with Sony Vegas and love it.

    But right now, I am just looking for opinions on what people feel is the best BD player out there. Pay products, and any Free products, if available.

    I am planning on buying myself a BD burner for an after x-mas present and want to play BD's on my 42" monitor, and I hear the software that comes with the drives is crapola.

    Thanks for asking!!
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