Connecting router and modem

I've got a D-link DSL-320T modem and a wpnt834 netgear router.

I have been unable to get my pc connected to the net having wasted hours.

Both devices have dhcp. Do i need to disable it on one of them?

Both ask for log in details. In which one I put them?

Any online guide that would help as I don't understand what the modem should or should not do in conjuction with the router. I've had a router/modem before but never each separate. It is driving me nuts.

Please help :fou:
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  1. Did you get a CD with the router and run it? You should be able to reset the router to the factory settings usually there is a button on the back you can press, check the manual, this will reset the log on to the router to the factory user name and password. Have you tried to connect the modem directly to the computer to rule out that it is the problem?
  2. I tried connecting the modem to the pc and it works fine. It doesnt though through the router
  3. Your DSL modem & router are using the same IP address range 192.168.1.X. You need to change one to something like 192.168.0.X.

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