How to get rid of Grub, cant boot laptop?

Hello, my laptop was a dual boot system with Ubuntu backtrack 5 and windows 7. when the computer booted up, it would go to Grub, where it would automatically boot backtrack unless you selected W7. i had installed backtrack to mess around and learn it, but i lost interest in it. so i deleted the backtrack and swap space partition, and extended my W7 c drive to fill up the space.

after a restart, a got an error message saying

error: no such partition.
grub rescue>

how can i get rid of grub/bypass it to get to the windows booter? my laptop is useless for the moment!

thank you
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  1. well duh you deleted the linux partitions but the windows bootloader no longer exists. grub has no where to point to! did you really expect that to work?

    you need to get a windows 7 dvd and select the boot repair option. this will overwrite the mbr to point to the windows bootloader.
  2. i thought the linux booter was layered ontop of the windows loader, not replaced by it. this was my first time ever dealing with partitions, i was unaware. this thread should probably be deleted, i just saw another just like it on here.

    really sorry, i panicked and let it get the best of me.

    thank you for your reply skittle
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