Help! I have a cheapo MB CPU combo, Can I OC this?

I am almost - I said almost embarrassed to even be posting in this forum let alone joining. Anyhow, my average run of the mill slower than bejeepers pc crashed. Needed new HD, more ram and a new MB CPU combo. Didnt realize it was going to be everything until I had already bought the hard drive and had it installed. Thats besides the point. Here is the board/cpu I bought....prepare yourselves you will laugh. To me this is serious business, I have teenagers needing to check their myspace...hehehe.
my mother board-(This is a used but in perfect working condition Syntax - S635MP - SiS Socket 370 microATX Motherboard with Integrated 800MHz VIA C3 1.3Giga Pro Processor w/cooling fan, Audio, Video, USB 1.1, CNR, IrDA and 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN Support.)

Found out last night I need this CPU thing to perform at a minimum of 1gig for a game my daughter wants to play. Thought about buying another cpu but it seems mine is welded gets a little harder. So I hear about this "overclocking" idea. My brianiac nephew is busy serving our country so I cannot get him to do this for me or to even let me know if it is possible considering the pityfullness of what I have. Is it possible or am I sol?
I apologize for being lame.
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  1. Not much you can do.

    Bite the bullet and buy a new system. You can in most cases add the new HD you bought into the new system. At the least install in into a external enclosure, and use if for backups.
  2. Well, overclocking is worth when it's worth but if you look around at the benchmarks of a 800MHz C3, they show it performs no better than a 500MHz Pentium3 and to be straight, is not enough for anything other than web brousing, typing, listening music and few other restricted things.
    Since you talked about upgrading CPU or overclocking, I presume you don't want to spend that much, but you need at least something like this Sempron 3000+ to get into any kind of gaming:
    and the motherboard (with onboard GF6100 video card)
    and at least a 512M stick of DDR2:
    ($24, shipping included)
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