Windows XP Home - PC reboots 2 mins after login

Hi all,

I have an Win XP Home edition loaded PC which now resets about 2-3 minutes after logging in. I don't see any error messages and it happens in Safe Boot mode as well. It happens after about 10 minutes or so when the PC sits at the login screen.

Thoughts? HW or SW?

Old Man
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  1. Disable Automatic Restarts and see if there's an error message.

  2. Grumpy,

    Thanks. I think I tried that once and the PC never completely logged in.

    This time I get a BSOD with a

    STOP: 0x8E (C0000005 AA3A321D A73BB788 00000000)

    Old Man
  3. Grumpy,

    Thanks again. Hmmm virus or memory... Guess I shall try both paths.

    Old Man
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