Started RAID 5 now bios not detecting drive HELP

I started to configure a RAID 5 with 3 barracuda 400GB sata drives, ICH8R raid controller on a asus pb5 mobo.

I configured the 3 drives fine then realized that I needed to make a floppy for the drive controller. I turned off the machine.

When i went back in i brought up the intel menu again and now the first sata drive is labeled as DEGRADED.

I wasnt sure what that meant but i went and loaded the driver and then attempted to load windows xp. The xp setup sits at 0% formatting.

I turned off again and went into the bios. Now it is listing the first sata drive as not detected.

What is going on here???????
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  1. When the array on those onboard RAID controllers get in a state like that I typically delete the array and then recreate it.
  2. The power connector to the hd has come loose. Reconnect it and you are good to go. This often happens when to power connector is sata or molex y cable of poor quality.
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