Cleaning up unneeded files to speed up XP, which?

I did a new game build and sold my previous one.

A tech went through it for my friend and while he was very favorable of the good deal I gave he stated it was loaded with unneeded files that slowed it down.

How can I know which files/folder etc to delete to keep my PCs running better?

Can I delete every file, as an example, in my temp folder?

What folders and where are they that I can get rid of?

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  1. Temp folder can be deleted, no probs at all.

    techmanc way is useful and effective, no doubt about it. However, if you do not understand what is it, u better use a little bit simple way while u learn how to use autoruns. Here are 2 steps :

    -Use disk cleanup(start menu > accessories > system tools > disk cleanup) there are several boxes, tick anything that you want to delete, click ok.

    -Use ccleaner(go to
  2. Thing to do if you use Autoruns to remove entries is just uncheck the item. Then if needed you can re-tick the entry and its restored. Also you can right click on a entry and do a google search on it.
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