Unable to connect to remote desktop

I work remotely from my home and cannot connect to my remote desktop to access my CRM
error "This computer cannot connect to the remote computer"
I recently changed internet providers from cox cable to quest dsl any ideas I have no network Administrator and have had quest tech here 2x's and spent over 200.00 for a Geek squad Specialist to come in my home and do nothing
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  1. Were you able to connect before?

    If not, could be:
    * If you have an Office firewall:
    - Does not allow it (port disable).
    - Must use a redirect in the firewall to connect to your local office ip.
    * May be your office pc is not configured to allow remote desktop.

    The best would be to use a software like "GotoMyPC"?
  2. They are a lots of reasons why you cant connect with your work. As loneeagle said is best to use third person software. Try "Teamviewer" its free and easy to setup and bypasses firewalls.
    If you dont want this you must give more info like loneeagle said and one or two more things.
    Where you able to remote before you had adsl? Had you a static ip before? Does your admin know that you switched providers? Do you have VPN?
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