PC turns on, but no post nor leds on memory light up?

Hi, I hope im posting in the correct part of the forum, if not.. im sorry. My problem is short and strange.. here it is..

I was downloading the other night, I had to leave my pc on overnight because it was a large download. Anyway, I woke up to find my PC had froze at 5.36am, download was 60% completed. So I rebooted and since, it hasnt worked. Bascally when I say hasnt worked... I mean.. the PC turns on... my Neons & Fans go on... but nothing is displayed on the screen..

when i leave my monitor on.. and the pc is off... the monitor just goes into hibernation, when the pc then gets turned on.. the monitor automatically starts up?.. I havnt tryed another monitor yet, because Im presuming its nothing to do with that as if it were... my ram(XMS 3500LL) would light up as it usually does? - which it doesnt!

this was last week, I was away on holiday for a week, and got back few days ago, I turned it on... and it loaded. I went to the toilet, came back and found it had froze on desktop(again). and basically, I have done allmost everything I can think of to fix this problem, but now I am at a dead end I feel!!

I have took EVERYTHING out and only left it with the mobo & PSU.. I even took the CPU out, I turned it on(normally you hear BEEP BEEP BEEP), but... there was no sound whatsoever. the only sound I heard was the fan(s).

I have searched about but no-one seems to have this problem, which ironically... in my luck, allways hapens! :-(

Could anyone help me please
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  1. The monitor wont even turn on mate(from hibernation), the LED on the mobo does go on, this computer isnt anymore than 2years old, everything has worked 100% fine up untill this moment.

    I dont think this is anything to do with it but I will tell anyway...when I first built this pc, I had a faulty CPU... to which the PC kept booting into BSOD.. and then I got a new replacement CPU, and since its worked fine.

    the sucky thing is, this is my first ATHLON computer, untill this pc, I was Intel through and through...and also.. this is the first and only PC I have with SLI, so I dont have any other GFX Nor CPUs I can test... :-( - one thing I noted though.. Im not sure if this is normal but on the end of my x1900xt... right next to the 4pin power chord... is 2 tiny red LEDs, which are constantly on, I only became aware of these since this problem, but I cant say for sure if these were on before this issue... could anyone shed any light on this?

    Just fans connected to the PSU for cooling, no 3rd partys.
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