Black Screen, Screen only works in safe mode

Hello Everyone,

i have an HP Pavillion dv7 with windows7. It is less then 3 months old.

Problem- Yesterday the screen went black while i was watching a video, but the sound kept going. so i restarted the computer, and the screen works until you get to the login screen it goes black again.

SO i called customer service at hp, and we worked on it for an hour.

We tryed multiple things, including system restore.

THe one thing that seems to work is when i go to the device manager, uninstall the display adapters, and restsart in normal mode, then i go and reinstall the ATI device thing in the recovery manager, but everytime after i reinstall the ATI display device thing, it ends up going black a little while later again.

Is the ATI display device broken or something? is there any way to fix this on my own? or should i just go to best buy and hope they dont destroy my computer.. lol
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  1. samgilardi said:
    Hello Everyone,

    i have an HP Pavillion dv7 with windows7. It is less then 3 months old.

    Well, it should be under warranty. If updated drivers don't fix the issue, then it could be an overheating graphics chip. Either way, I would just rma the thing ASAP.
  2. Safe mode uses a basic display driver. As the screen functions in safe mode, then your currently installed graphics driver must be the first suspect.
    Download and install the correct driver.

    ATI/AMD recommend removing the existing driver before installing the new.
    There is a video on the above link that shows you how to do this.

    Am I correct in assuming the screen goes black most of the time or just when playing a video?
  3. uninstall the graphics driver and all other ati software such as catalyst control center--then do not reinstall it--download drivercleaner or driver sweeper and use them to remove all traces of ati drivers--restart in safe mode and run drivercleaner/sweeper again--reboot and install the graphics driver to see if it fixes the problem

    this usually is caused by updating graphics drivers without totally wiping out the old ones
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