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Hi guys, I purchased a Maxtor DiamondMax 21 320GB SATA drive a couple of weeks ago and find it can be a little noisy when doing file transfers etc. It's been like it since I've had this, and the file transfers have been fine, very quick and I've not had any problems at all so far.

I'm just wondering if this will cause any problems or if it's a potentially faulty drive? It's not really loud but my other two drives are completely silent so that's why it alerted me to the issue. If it's just noisy and is going to work fine that's no problem at all :)

Extra annoying since it's the only compenent I plan on moving into my new PC (my aunty wants to buy this one, and won't need any more than the 200GB I already had in there!)
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  1. Maxtor mechanisms are notoriously noisy during seeks. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the drive, they're just noisy by nature.

    You might be able to quiet the drive down some using the Hitachi Drive Feature Tool. This tool is meant for Hitachi hard drives, but I've found it works on most IDE/SATA drives from any manufacturer. It can change the Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) setting of most hard drives, allowing you to specify lower noise levels at the expense of some seek time.

    You will need to download either the floppy image and boot from it, or download the CD image, burn it to a CD, and then boot from that.
  2. I'd run the diagnostic software from Maxtor. If the drive doesn't have any problems, it's likely just noisy hhd. If you can do it, try rubber grommets between the drive and the cage/rail. This might quiet it a bit
  3. One option to quiet it down is to suspend the drive. This will remove pretty much all of the noise, but does require some modding to your case.
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