Dell optiplex 990 network drivers

any network drivers for ubuntu 12.04
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  1. Yes. Have a look at this thread: (about 10.04, but the principles are the same).
  2. An alternative to the maverick-backport kernel is using the normal lucid kernel and building yourself a DKMS Package for the current version of the e1000e module.

    It's realy simple:
    1. Download the current e1000e module from
    2. build the DKMS Package, following this instruction:

    Then you're (hopefully) done...

    good luck

    This worked so easily for me. I went to sourceforge and downloaded the latest stable version, then followed the instruction in the README after I unzipped the archive. Literally all I had to do was:

    tar -xvf e1000e-1.6.3.tar.gz
    cd e1000e-1.6.3/src/
    sudo make install
    sudo modprobe e1000e
    sudo dhclient eth0

    Done. Thanks for the help.

    This answer from ubuntu forum was helpful to me
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