Blue-Screen error on my Vista 64 system

Hello Everyone,

Please could a very kind person help me out.

I have a really annoying random Blue-Screen error on my Vista 64 system.
Apart from my system spec's what additional info is required to track down the source of the fault.

How do I find out if it's a Driver or Hardware fault.?

System Basics.

OS: Vista 64bit Ultimate SP1
GC: NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTX
MB: Gigabyte EP45-DS4 F9
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4Ghz (not over clocked)
Mem: 6Gb of Corsair PC2-6400
2x 2Gb (CM2X2048-6400C5)
2x1Gb (CM2X1024-6400C4)
Aud: Creative Audigy
HDD: Seagate 500Gb Sata (ST3500320AS)
Samsung 320Gb Sata (HD321KJ)
Maxtor 150Gb IDE (6Y160P0)
PSU : Hyper 880 Watt (HPU4M880PE)

My Blue Screen error seems to be totally random. I'm sure it's not the memory, above configuration tested positive by Corsair.
It's not an overheating problem, system temps very cool. The GFC does run hot at about 60-70c but that's normal. I have ran Orthos CPU/memory stress test with absolutely no problems what so ever for long periods.
All drivers updated, Bios updated.

The MB has 2 network ports, one of which stopped working after the last blue screen. I'm sure that was a result of the blue screen not the cause.

I'm totally guessing here. I also have a Creative Labs Cambridge Mega works 510D Surround sound system. I doesn't have a volume control lead but I can use Windows mixer to lower the volume. Is it possible I'm getting intermittent feed back though the audio lead ?
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  1. Dang !! More Info.
    Sometimes after a blue screen crash the system will reboot fine and there will be no further problems.
    However now and again I will get Blue Screen Errors repeatedly on boot. Sometimes after windows loads 2-3 mins after log on. Sometimes as its loading. The cycle of crashing continues UNLESS I reset the CMOS via the handy button on the MB. This solves the crashing in the short term.

    That's the annoying thing about this problem no sooner do I think it's gone forever then it hits me again when I'm least expecting it.
  2. I had another Blue Screen Error after a few mins of logging on this morning.
    It was stuck in a blue screen crashing cycle so I went into the BIOS and disabled a few Integrated Peripherals to know effect. So I have tried removing the 2x 1 Gig Memory Modules. The rated voltage printed on them is 2.1v where the 2x 2Gig Modules are rated 1.8v
    Seems to me that threes is a bit of room for conflict there.
    The cycle ended but that sometimes happens when the system is shut off. Fingers crossed the PC has been great since lol
    Any Experts On Memory out there ?
  3. 2 things to do

    goto start|right click computer|properties|advanced system settings|advanced|startup and recovery settings|uncheck automatically reooot check box.
    This will give you a error message if a BSOD happens again.

    The second is in the bios and it depends on the bios as to where it is but there is a place to increase the voltage for the memory.
    It sounds like that is the problem that you are having and is a simple fix.
  4. yea, sounds like memory to me too - do what Pat said and also I would try removing the 2, 1 gig sticks of RAM and see if your problem goes away. If it does this would confirm a ram problem and probably a ram config problem as opposed to a bad ram. EDIT: oops, saw you are trying that now, LOL

    if it works then you might want to order some ram that matches better on the specs - no way to separately set voltage or timing so it may not be practical to get the two ram types to play well together. RAM is cheap, get some 2 x 2 gig sticks that match what you have and then you'll have 8 gig.

    There are also issues on some motherboards when running 4 sticks, some boards don't run well if all 4 slots are populated - you could Google you board and "4 sticks' and see what you get or just use trial and error to get to the bottom of it.
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